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In Vivo Bioorthogonal Chemistry Enables Local Hydrogel and Systemic Pro-Drug To Treat Soft Tissue Sarcoma

July, 2016.  The ability to activate drugs only at desired locations avoiding systemic immunosuppression and other dose limiting toxicities is highly desirable. Here we present a new approach, named local drug activation, that uses bioorthogonal chemistry to concentrate and activate systemic small molecules at a location of choice. This method is independent of endogenous cellular or environmental markers and only depends on the presence of a preimplanted biomaterial near a desired site (e.g., tumor). We demonstrate the clear therapeutic benefit with minimal side effects of this approach in mice over systemic therapy using a doxorubicin pro-drug against xenograft tumors of a type of soft tissue sarcoma (HT1080).


Implantable biomaterial based on click chemistry for targeting small Molecules

August, 2014.  Specific and targeted delivery of medical therapies continues to be a challenge for the optimal treatment of multiple medical conditions. Technological advances permit physicians to target most sites of the body. However, after the intervention, physicians rely on systemic medications that need frequent dosing and may have noxious side effects. A novel system combining the temporal flexibility of systemic drug delivery and the spatial control of injectable biomaterials would improve the spatiotemporal control of medical therapies. Here we present an implantable biomaterial that harnesses in vivo click chemistry to enhance the delivery of suitable small molecules by an order of magnitude. This is the first step towards the construction of a biomaterial that enhances the spatial location of systemic small molecules via in vivo chemical delivery.