Targeting cancer with Click Chemistry

Less than 2% of administered drugs make it to their desired location in the body. Imagine a world where cancer drugs are activated only where they are needed.

Next generation tumor-targeting

Our proprietary Click Activated Protodrugs Against Cancer (CAPAC®) approach uses 2022 Nobel Prize-winning technology, click chemistry, to activate cancer therapies at the tumor.

We are the first company to use click chemistry in human patients.

CAPAC is modular

CAPAC is made up of two separate components that come together at the tumor.
Antigen-targeted activator
Binds to the tumor
Cancer drugs that are inert until they click with the activator at the tumor


When the systemically administered protodrug reaches the targeting agent at the tumor, a click chemistry reaction takes place, activating the cancer drug.

Changing what's possible

We separate tumor targeting from the payload, and rely on chemistry, not biology, for activation. This  unprecedented flexibility can lead to greater activity and lower toxicity than has been previously possible.

CAPAC has been validated in the clinic and we are rapidly advancing novel therapies for patients with limited effective treatment options.

Together we can transform cancer treatment

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