Our vision is a world where cancer drugs are activated only where they are needed.

We are on a mission to make cancer drugs more effective with click chemistry.

Life at Shasqi

Our values

We are resourceful

We creatively solve problems to drive continued innovation by being efficient and flexible, embracing constraints.

We are bold, take risks, and push boundaries.

We challenge standards

We communicate openly, and challenge ideas regardless of job title.

We treat each other with compassion and respect, and always assume positive intent.

We focus on simplicity

We choose to do a few things well rather than many things poorly.

We focus our energies on the areas where our innovation can be transformative.

We have humble confidence

We have confidence in what we’ve achieved, and a desire to continuously learn.

We seek feedback from others, looking for opportunities to  improve and optimize.

Ready to help us develop the future of cancer therapies?  

We are always looking for smart, talented individuals to join us.

Five reasons to join Shasqi

Collaborate with a committed team, passionate about improving cancer therapies.
Ongoing growth opportunities, professional development, and mentorship.
It’s not every day you get to work on Nobel Prize winning technology.
Collaborative, cheerful, and compassionate work environment. Remote first, with WFH stipend.
Competitive salary and equity scheme, a 401k match, medical, dental & vision coverage.

Our leadership

Shasqi’s leadership has diverse backgrounds, a wealth of experience, and is supported by a Scientific Advisory Board of distinguished oncology leaders.

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From concept to Click

In 2014 our CEO and founder, José Mejía Oneto, left his residency in orthopedic surgery.  After spending his days in the operating room, dramatically transforming the human body with incredible specificity, he wanted to create a better way to get drugs precisely to the place where they were needed.

His PhD training in organic chemistry presented a solution: click chemistry!

Catalyzed by a chance meeting with future Nobel Prize laureate Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, José was accepted into the accelerator program, Y Combinator, to advance the development of his idea.

Fast forward to today, Shasqi has developed a clinically validated technology which uses click chemistry to activate cancer drugs at the tumor.

Why the name Shasqi?

José, a native Peruvian, drew inspiration for the name Shasqi from the agile runners called chasquis that delivered messages and goods across the Incan empire.

This seemed like the perfect analogy for a company focused on activating cancer drugs at specific locations in the body.