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Shasqi to Present New Data at 2024 World ADC London Conference

March 5, 2024

San Francisco, CA, March 5th, 2024 (PR Newswire)– Shasqi, Inc. (“Shasqi”) a biotech company whose mission is to make cancer drugs more effective with click chemistry, today announced that Founder & Chief Executive Officer José M. Mejía Oneto, MD, PhD, will present at the 14th Annual World ADC Conference in London, United Kingdom on Tuesday March 12th at 11:00am GMT.  

The session titled “CAPAC: A Modular Platform for Tumor-Targeted Drug Activation Using Click Chemistry In Vivo” will be part of the “Supercharging ADC Efficacy & Conquering Toxicity Through Transformative Emerging Conjugation Technologies” track as part of the 2nd Generation Conjugates Day.

“We are honored to be an invited speaker at the 2nd Next-Generation Conjugation Day during World ADC Europe—an event synonymous with innovation.” said Dr. Mejía Oneto. “We’re excited to share more about our technology and present new data demonstrating how our unique approach has the potential to meaningfully increase the therapeutic index of cancer drugs.”

As part of the session, Shasqi will share background on its novel Click Activated Protodrugs Against Cancer (CAPAC®) platform, which leverages click chemistry for tumor-targeted drug activation. Shasqi will also share clinical proof-of-concept data and unveil preclinical data from the pipeline, showcasing the ability to use antibody fragments to activate high potency payloads at the tumor.

Shasqi has developed a novel approach to activating drugs at the tumor. First, an antigen targeting activator is infused, which binds to the tumor. Then, an inert version of a cancer therapeutic, called a protodrug, is infused. The protodrug finds the activator at the tumor and the active drug is released via a click chemistry reaction. Separation of payload from tumor targeting confers several advantages over antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs) including selective activation at the tumor and the ability to optimize the ratio of each component throughout development, including in the clinic. Together, this allows the therapeutic index of cancer drugs to be maximized.

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